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ACNHKK is an animal crossing store, selling all ACNH items which are obtained through normal ways, reasonable price, instant delivery, 100% safe to trade. If you're searching for "where to buy nook miles ticket", "how to get items in animal crossing", here is right place! We will help you solve these problems, we have all items in New Horizons - Bells money, Nook Miles Ticket (NMT), DIY Recipes, Furiniture, Material & Villager Move-in service.

Why buy animal crossing items?
Animal Crossing is a real-time social simulation video game, there're many items (like DIYs, Furniture item) you need to get through trading with other players. We can help those players who don't have much time to trade to collect item easily. Here, you can buy ACNH items at a reasonable price, and enjoy the instant delivery speed.

Why Choose
We have been doing this business since Animal Crossing New Horizons released, our team is professional on in-game trade. Every time the game updates new items, you can buy them on our website within an hour. Our fast and low-cost service has won us many good reviews, check it on "Trustpilot".

How to trade?
Purchase the item you want, open your island. Our traders will come in 10-30 Mins. Any question feel free to contact us via Live Chat or Email, we will also email you if there is something wrong with your order, please keep an eye on your email after placing an order.


ACNH 2.0 New Items & Villagers Have Been Updated

Dear Customers, ACNH 2.0 New Items, DIYs and 16 New Villagers have been updated, feel free to make order, our team is 24/7 online. ...

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Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.10.0 Update: Buy All New Items

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons April 1.10.0 Update has just been released, acnhkk has updated all new items, feel free to buy. ...

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Buy ACNH Cherry Blossom Items - Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasonal Items is providing ACNH Cherry blossom items at a low price, instant delivery. Our team can save you a lot of time on collecting animal crossing event item catalog, improve your gaming ...

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