Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells

Product Price Action
ACNH Bells - 6000 K $USD 0.25
ACNH Bells - 12000 K $USD 0.50
ACNH Bells - 18000 K $USD 0.75
ACNH Bells - 24000 K $USD 0.99
ACNH Bells - 36000 K $USD 1.48
ACNH Bells - 48000 K $USD 1.98
ACNH Bells - 60000 K $USD 2.45
ACNH Bells - 72000 K $USD 2.95
ACNH Bells - 84000 K $USD 3.39

Animal crossing bells are one of the two in-game currencies, the other currency is Nook Miles ticket. You'll use bells to pay off your various mortgages, fund upgrades to your island, buy furniture, among other activities.

For beginners, you might care about "how to get bells in animal crossing new horizons", "how to make money fast in animal crossing", the answer is spend time collecting materials to sell money or trade more with players. Of course for players who don’t have time, buying acnh bells online is a good option.

Here you can buy any amount of animal crossing money you want at a very low price, our delivers will come to your island instantly. In order to improve efficiency, we provide you with gold nuggets, you can sell them to in-game store to get money, a stack of golden nuggets can be sold for 300K Bells.