Super Mario themed furniture and New items are coming to ACNH on February 25th


The Animal Crossing New Horizons free update is coming on February 25, Super Mario themed items will be added, and all those new acnh items will be available in Nook Shopping starting 3/1.

Besides, three new Nook Shopping seasonal events - Hinamatsuri, π Day, and Shamrock Day—will also will be added.

The following items have been confirmed to be in the update:

1-Up Mushroom



Fire Flower

Floating Block

Goal Pole

Large Mushroom Platform



Small Mushroom Platform

Super Mushroom

Super Star


? Block

Luigi Hat

Mario Hat

Princess Peach Crown

Wario Hat

Luigi 'Stache

Mario 'Stache

Wario 'Stache

Luigi Outfit

Mario Outfit

Princess Peach Dress

Wario Outfit

Luigi Shoes

Mario Shoes

Princess Peach Shoes

Wario Shoes

Mushroom Mural

Block Flooring

Lakitu's Cloud Rug

Yoshi's Egg Rug

Our website will update those new items as soon as possible, when the game is updated, you can purchase these new items from our website, Please add our website to your favorites, don't miss it.