Six New Sanrio Collaboration Villagers & Furniture Items Coming To Animal Crossing New Horizons


Today, Nintendo released a new Animal Crossing update trailer, it said the Sanrio Collaboration villagers and furniture items are on the way.

A free Version 1.9 update will be released on March 18th, you’ll be able to scan the Sanrio Collaboration Amiibo Cards to unlock ordering both Sanrio themed furniture and other new acnh items, you also can invite the inspired Sanrio villagers to your island as well!

The following are the six new Sanrio themed villagers you can invite to your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

- Rilla, inspired by Hello Kitty

- Marty, inspired by Pompompuri

- Étoile, inspired by Little Twin Stars

- Chai, inspired by Cinnamoroll

- Chelsea, inspired by My Melody

- Toby, inspired by Kerokerokeroppi

When the game is updated, you can buy these new villagers on as soon as possible, our team has prepared these Sanrio Collaboration amiibo cards.

1. Rilla is a Peppy personality Gorilla ACNH villager inspired by Hello Kitty from Sanrio.

Rilla villager acnh

2.Étoile is a Normal personality Sheep ACNH villager inspired by Kiki & Lala from Sanrio.

Étoile villager acnh

3.Marty is a Lazy personality Cub ACNH villager inspired by Pompompurin from Sanrio.

Marty villager acnh

4.Chai is a Peppy personality Elephant ACNH villager inspired by Cinnamoroll from Sanrio.

Chai villager acnh

5.Chelsea is a Normal personality Deer ACNH villager inspired by My Melody from Sanrio.

Chelsea villager acnh

6.Toby is a Smug personality Rabbit ACNH villager inspired by Kerokerokeroppi from Sanrio.

Toby villager acnh