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Festivale accessory
   + $ USD 0.08
Festivale balloon lamp
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale confetti machine
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale costume
   + $ USD 0.08
Festivale drum
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale flag
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale float
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale garland
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale lamp
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale parasol
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale stage
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale stall
   + $ USD 0.12
Festivale tank dress
   + $ USD 0.08

Super Mario themed items are available on ACNHKK, including entire outfits for Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario. Other three new seasonal event items - Hinamatsuri, Pi Day, and Shamrock Day items also have been updated.

Next, new six Sanrio villagers and Sanrio themed furniture items will be updated in Animal Crossing New Horizons on March 5th, you can buy these villagers & items ASAP after the game is updated.

Buy animal crossing items online are a good choice for players who don't have enough time, we know that Animal Crossing is a real-time social simulation video game, there are many items - DIY recipes, gulliver's items, furniture, materials, flooring, wallpaper, clothing & so on, need to be collected.

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